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The most recent of groups to be admitted into the Sicariot is the Childer of Mashith, a bloodline of some strength originally founded as an offshoot of the Daughters of Cacophony. They are also the most controversial, having very nearly caused an open split between those who supported them-the Baelites and those who fought against their inclusion, primarily the Belialians but also-secretively- the Azazelians.

If there is any Kindred Clan or bloodline which typified sexuality in all its forms-particularly the darker side of it-it would have to be the Mashithites. They epitomize the sensual passions that lie just below the cold succor of reason, and the dark pleasures they can bring. Many think that the Belialians felt that the Mashithites were a distracting influence from the, more or less, mystical bent of the Sicarii. There is a measure of truth to that theory. Since they joined (nearly a century ago), there have been many a childe of all Sicarii Clans who has regretted ever meeting a Deviant...

In truth, the Mashithites do have an agenda, but it is one that they present clearly and unequivocally: to sample life's fruits in all its myriad possibilities. The only problem is that, even for a jaded Kindred, the pleasures of a Mashithite can be quite shocking at times.

Because of their nature, many Deviants are not quite fully accepted in the Sicariot. Others are often openly suspicious of the Mashithites' motives and will seek to isolate them as much as least, until they find themselves inexorably drawn to them...

The Deviants have become the Sicariot's number one purveyors of seduction and sexual extremitism. They make fine assassins and even better covert operators and have been known to infiltrate deep behind Camarilla lines, often into the very bedrooms of prominent Princes of Camarilla-held cities...

Nickname: Deviants

Appearance: Quite frankly, stunning. There isn't a single Mashithite with an Appearance below that of four, and most are positively ravishing. Most, not so coincidentally, are also female, though as the mores of mortals have changed, so has the Clan. More and more males are being Embraced, though the ratio is still something like 4:1 in favor of the women.

Haven: Anywhere, anytime, anyplace... Mashithites are not at all inhibited by the need to settle down. They find themselves at home anywhere were the mission is, thus reinforcing their role as spies.

Background: The Deviants are exceedingly strict in their choice for Childer. The potential Childe must be of high comeliness and social grace, though not so standoffish that they cannot be flexible if needed. They must also have a fairly high intelligence and be able to think independently. Mashithites, once they realised their lot in the Sicariot, are now breeding themselves for every possible contingency and have become, quite frankly, indispensable to the sub-sect. Commonly, ex-pornstars, models or college students are chosen, though more attention is being placed now on finding all types... just in case they need a job which calls for a more specialized touch...

Character Creation: Social and Mental Attributes are held in equal regard to the Mashithites, though, for obvious reasons, Appearance is crucial to a candidate's admission. Their Natures are often either Deviant or Sycophant with their Demeanors variously shifting from Bon Vivant, Caregiver, and Child to Masochist and Martyr.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Erotique, and Celerity.

Weaknesses: Every Mashithite has the Derangement Hedonism. They have a indescribable and innate lust for the sensual, so much so that, at times, it can override their common sense and goals-at-hand. Still, their worth to the Sicariot far outweighs the disadvantages of being horny all the time...

Preferred Paths: Almost to the lady, the Mashithites were originally Cathars, though since the Edict of Albigenses, in which the last Antipater, Eshmadai IX, declared some precepts of the Cathari as heresy, most switched to the Path of least in public. A few Infernalists have been found, but they're not really a force to be reckoned with. Otherwise, there is no real trend in the Clan.

Organization: None. There was, originally, a group of thirteen elders called the Harem who dealt with Clan functions and relations between themselves and others. Since they joined the Sicariot though, they've become so decentralized as to be without organization. They are assets completely at the behest of the Sicariot's leadership...a fact which makes the Belialians rather suspicious of them.

Gaining Clan Prestige: Of all the Sicarii Clans, the Mashithites are the only ones who have no presentation system. Quite frankly, their deeds will speak a whole lot louder than their words.

Quotes: "You've never known pleasure before, until you've slipped into my arms. Come, let me show you. You won't regret it...well, not immediately at any rate."


Lasombra: Ah, boys, boys, and boys. There's more than enough out here for all of us. Can't we all just get along? Idiots. If the only thing that makes your cold heart pump is power and more power, then you're beyond help.

Tzimisce: Grumpy old men...what a quaint little Clan. Twisted about as much as we are which, of course, makes it all that more fun for us.

Assamite antitribu: We do what is necessary to brings these ones down. You don't have to enjoy it...but, then again, you don't have to not enjoy it, either.

Brujah antitribu: I wonder if they realize just how silly they look to everyone else? Have they ever contemplated what they want to do after they've overthrown the ancient regime? At least we think ahead.

Gangrel antitribu: C'mere, boy. Come here... Like the Assamites, they are not particularly the kind you want to take home with you. In fact, I've found many to be downright offensive, and that's saying an awful lot.

Malkavian antitribu: Quite possibly, the strangest night I've ever had... The Priests keep telling us that there is more to them than meets the eye, but we wonder.

Nosferatu antitribu: They are--and I say this with a straight face--a treasure-trove of information. You've only got to know what buttons to push in order to get to it, however unpleasant (and it almost uniformly is) that might be. Still, it's the only way we have to find out how much they've strayed from the True Faith. The Belialians need to know before they bring the hatchet down on them.

Panders: Common folk. Boring. In fact, I'm not all that certain they'll be around much longer. Between the Keepers-who use them relentlessly, and their own 'Clan' elders, who use them even more relentlessly - there might not be any left inside of a few years. At least, not organized and calling themselves 'Panders'.

Ravnos antitribu: They lead quite a romantic life. It's just too bad they're traitors. I almost feel sorry for betraying them...almost.

Serpents of the Light: I think the feeling on these folks is almost universal, even amongst the Sabbat in general: oops, we screw up here big time!

Toreador antitribu: So close, yet so far away. If they'd only concentrate less on what they see and more on what they feel, then we'd be in perfect harmony.

Tremere antitribu: Dangerous. They know far more than they let on and their predicament--being so widely mistrusted--makes them the hotbed of conspiracies. Unfortunately, they won't let us anywhere near them. That doesn't mean we still don't try, but there's almost no use in it.

Ventrue antitribu: Wonderful pawns, even mores o than their allies in Loyalism, the Brujah antitribu. They, of all Clans, are the easiest to manipulate. They actually think the sect will not move against them. What arrogance! We'd better use them quick, though, before the Keepers catch onto us too quickly.

The Black Hand: The ultimate goal of our leaders is to see the Hand broken up or at least brought down to a more manageable level. We're having some success in the latter objective...but I don't think the leadership realizes just how hard-core these fellas are. They are not to be played with. If we're going to move on the Keepers, we'd best keep our eyes pealed for the Hand. They're everywhere.

The Camarilla: Naifs, all of them. There's a difference between freedom and the perception of freedom. They've forgotten their roots and failed to recall that their sires are not the kindliest of souls. When it's all said and done, though, they'll have no effect on us. We have other things to do, chief among which is save the Sabbat from itself. To hell with the Wimps.