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Mashithite’s Discipline: Erotique

The Mashithites are the seducers of the vampiric world. Every legend ascribing sensuality to the cold undead can be found bearing fruit within the soft caresses of the Deviants.

Erotique began as a search for a visual representation of the Level Four Melpominee power, Art's Traumatic Essence. Through various Thaumaturgical rituals and with the assistance of a trusted Tzimsce friend's Vicissitude, the Eighth Generation Daughter (Son) of Cocophony Alexius Theodosius was able to imbue himself with the literal "looks to kill".

Since then, Alexius has passed his Discipline down, after refining it further under the careful guidance of the Abaddonites (who secretly sought to use the Mashithites as their infiltrators). The name "Mashithite" comes from the Dark One whom the Abaddonites' sought to help guide Alexius to full bloodinehood: Mashith.

* Seek Desire: A crude form of Query, Seek Desire allows a Mashithite to ascertain a person's basest desires, exposing him or her before the Deviant in the rawest of terms.

System: Perception + Interrogation against the target's Wits and consult the table below:

1 Success: The Deviant can ascertain what the target wants now, which may or may not be superficial and irrelevant.

2 Successes: The Deviant can ascertain a random collection of basic "likes". Color, flavor of ice cream, clothing, music, etc. Still somewhat superficial.

3 Successes: The Deviant can pull out a random "deep" liking, perhaps something the target would rather want to stay hidden. Favorite sexual position, would be a good example.

4 Successes: The Deviant has access to all of the target's passions, which includes but isn't exclusively composed of, sexual matters.

5 Successes: The Deviant is aware of items that even the target will not admit to desiring.

6 Successes: The Deviant can ascertain whether or not the target will end up liking something, based on the "feel" for the target's emplates. Minor precognition of a rather limited sort.

** Conform: Since Erotique was born partially at the hands of the Tzimisce Discipline of Vicissitude, it should not be surprising that a version of Changeling has managed to slip into the Mashithite bloodline.

Conform allows the Deviant to alter his or her appearance in order to suit the desires of the target the Deviant is making physical contact with. The changes are subtle and, unless drastic, won't be noticed for a few minutes or even hours. It's possible even to switch hair/eye/skin colors and, with a success rate of five or better, sexes.

System: Stamina + Seduction against the target's Wits. Any success means that the Deviant will be able to shift into what the target most desires at that moment. Five or six successes would allow for a shift in sex but, otherwise, it's an open playing field.

*** Desire's Distraction: A potent combination of Conform and certain principles of Presence,

Desire's Distraction allows the Deviant to effectively stun the target with his or her physical beauty.

System: Manipulation + Seduction against the target's Willpower minus two. The number of successes equates to the number of Turns the target is enthralled with the Deviant. In this, it's somewhat weaker than Presence's Entrancement but Desire's Distraction is not for use to create a sycophant. No, its primary use is to do exactly what it says: distract. It's the perfect tool for capturing the attention of someone while another operator ruffles through the target's papers.

**** Consuming Fire: Lust. Pure and simple. The Deviant can inspire the unprovoked lust in anyone who falls under his or her sway. So drastic and dramatic is this lust that every thought, every action is swerved towards the Deviant. It's a more extreme version of Desire's Distraction and is used primarily for conquests of a more tougher will or those needed for a longer period of time.

System: Same as above, save that the results of the successes translate differently:

1-2 Success (es): The target is entranced for a day's length, though he or she is still capable of conducting autonomous thought and action. It's pretty hard, though.

3-4 successes: The target is locked into the Deviant's orbit for a week's time. Very little else is done (besides life functions) except to contemplate how they can get closer to the Deviant.

5-6 successes: The target is permanently afflicted with lust, though not necessarily for the Deviant. The nature of the Discipline is tricky and there's a good chance (50%) that the target will affix on anything that comes close to what the Deviant presented. This situation could lead to hilarity in extremis, especially if the target is already attached...

***** Bond of the Soul: In spite of the prevailing opinion regarding the Mashithites, they are not a purely cynical bloodline of sex kittens and harlots for flag and country. Theirs might, indeed, be a hedonistic breed, but love is also their dominion.

Bond of the Soul creates an eternal linkage between persons who truly love one another. In a world where life is eternal and damnation is right around the corner, many wonder if the Mashithites are simply grasping, naively, at straws in search of the happiness usually absent from most Kindred. Whatever the case may be, the Bond allows the two lovers to find one another over vast distances and to always be in contact, the intensity of which depends on the number of successes rolled. In short, it is what it claims to be.

System: Perception + Empathy against the target's Willpower minus four (it is, after all, a voluntary Bond and cannot be done on someone who does not desire it). There is no radius to the Bond. It's always there. However, when trying to access it, the number of successes rolled--using the same formula above--will determine how strong of a reception you’re getting.

Levels Six through Ten: There are no Mashithites of a higher Generation than 8th and, even then, there are only thirteen. It is said that they are attempting to craft a method to attain even higher levels of power, possibly through Diablerie, but these are only rumors.