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Baptized in quantum fires,
reborn as incarnate gods,
drunk with fame, sacrificed on the altar of power.
We are your heroes, your legends, your icons.
Beware. Your Legacy is our future.


Hi, this is my Aberrant page. Here I will have updates and characters of note.

Group list of Aberrant Quantum Powers
List of Mega-Attributes Enhancements
Group list of
Signature Characters: Being updated

Jan 29th 2001:
Well, the long awaited Aberrant Players Guide is out. And it would be a understatement to say that some of the quantum powers are pretty powerful. Especially since you are not held to just Level 3 powers, they now the reach Level 6. And yes Universe Creation is in the book. As are a few suprises. All the Meg-powers have been upgraded beyond Level 5 and a few more enhancements. Over all it is pretty kool, but unless you are running a really powerful game that spans planets and/or solar systems. You might want to watch the power level of your characters. 

Nov 21st:
Well it looks like the Players Guide will be out sometime in December.

Sept 6th:
- Ok, I have heard alot about how other players make there characters for Aberrant. I believe that you should always start with your Baseline concept, then when your character erupts this will define his starting Nova powers/mega-abilities. As the character gains experience, they will be able to develop other powers. I believe this is the best way for a role-playing experience.

Aug 7th:
- Heard from the Rumor Mill - In the up coming Aberrant Players Guide they are going to have Level 4 powers. Just to give you a few examples -
Universe Creation and Time Travel. These seem to pop up the most in the rumor mill.

May 8th:
- Updated Quantum powers list. 

- For every Quantum level passed 5 you can add two additional extras beyond level 3 to any of your powers. Example - If you have a Quantum of 6 and decided to buy Quantum Bolt you can add three extras to it and it would only cost you the same as a Level 3 power. This also allows you to add extras to Level 3 powers. This may change when the APG (Aberrant Players Guide) comes out.

- Did you know that you can purchase all the Quantum powers multiple times with different effects? Example - If you had invulnerability (Broad Category) Physical and wanted invulnerability (Broad Category) Energy you would have to buy it again and build it up. The cost is no different.

Feb 15th:
- Did you know that you can buy Resiliency twice? This is what it does, first time you buy it, it doubles your Mega-Stamina soak. Second time it double your regular Stamina soak.

- If you have Adaptability your character's lifespan is increased by centuries. (ie. - If your character lifespan is 150 years and you buy the enhancement Adaptability his lifespan is converted to 150 centuries.)