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Quantum Powers

Level One:

Bioluminescence Body Modification Claws
Deflect/Redirect Hypnosis Intuition
Luck Psychic Shield Quantum Conversion
Sensory Shield Silence  

Level Two:

Aberration Transfer Absorption Animal/Plant Mastery Armor Bodymorph
Boost Bounce Chimeric Aberration Density Control Disimmunize
Disorient Disrupt Domination Empathic Manipulation ESP
Flight Force Field Growth Holo Hypermovement
Immobilize Immolate Invisibility Invulnerability Mental Blast
Mirage Nova Proxy Poison Premonition Quantum Bolt
Quantum Forgery Quantum Leech Quantum Regeneration Quantum Vampire Shroud
Sizemorph(Grow) Sizemorph(Shrink) Strobe Stun Attack Telekiness
Telepathy Teleport Transmit    

Level Three:

Clone Cyberkinesis Disintegration Elemental Anima Elemental Mastery
Entropy Control Gravity Control Healing Homunculus Information Manipulation
Magnetic Mastery Matter Chameleon Matter Creation Molecular Manipulation Momentum Control
Node Spark Pretercognition Quantum Construct Quantum Imprint ShapeShift
Spatial Manipulation Temporal Manipulation Warp Weather Manipulation  

Level Three but require a Quantum of 6 or higher:


Level Four: Authority Powers

Crosstime Travel Disease Authority Elemental Authority Molecular Authority Quantum Authority
Quantum Awareness        

Level Five: The Beginning of Mastery

Ecological Supremacy Climatic Supremacy Conscious Supremacy Geological Supremacy
Quantum Supremacy Time Travel    

Level Six: Consummate Mastery

Creation Ex Nihilo Planck Scaling Quantum Inferno Universe Creation  

Last date modified - January 29, 2001