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Super Abilities

This is a list of all of the Super Abilities that I have found in all of the Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, and NightBane books. If I am missing some email me (from the Bios page) with the Book, page number, and power. In the future I am going to start adding Net Super Abilities that I find that are not too powerful.

Minor Super Abilities
Adhesion Bend Light Body Weapons Clock Manipulation
Energy Expulsion: Electricity Energy Expulsion: Electrical Field Energy Expulsion:  Energy Energy Expulsion: Fire
Energy Expulsion:  Light Energy Resistance Extraordinary: Mental Affinity Extraordinary: Mental Endurance
Extraordinary:  Physical Strength Extraordinary: Physical Prowess Extraordinary: Physical Endurance Extraordinary: Physical Beauty
Extraordinary Speed Flight:  Glide Flight:  Winged Flight:  Wingless
Healing Factor Heightened Sense of Hearing Heightened Sense of Smell Heightened Sense of Taste
Heightened Sense of Touch Horror Factor Impervious to Fire & Heat Manipulate Kinetic Energy
Mental Stun Multiple Limbs Nightstalking Power Channeling
Radar Superhuman Strength Supervision:  Advanced Sight Supervision:  Nightvision
Supervision:  Ultraviolet & Infrared Supervision:  X-Ray Underwater Abilities  


Major Super Abilities
Adapt to Environment Alter Facial Features & Physical Stature Alter Limbs Alter Metabolism Alter Physical Structure:   Astral (RR1)
Alter Physical Structure: Electricity Alter Physical Structure: Fire Alter Physical Structure:  Ice Alter Physical Structure:  Liquid Alter Physical Structure:  Metal
Alter Physical Structure:  Plant Alter Physical Structure: Plasma Alter Physical Structure: Putty (RR1) Alter Physical Structure:  Smoke or Mist Alter Physical Structure:  Stone
Alter Physical Structure:   Vapor (RR1) Animal Abilities Animal Metamorphosis Animate Drawings (RR1) Bio-Armor
Bio-Ghost Cloaking Chameleon Control Elemental Force:  Air Control Elemental Force:  Earth
Control Elemental Force:  Fire Control Elemental Force:   Time (RR1) Control Elemental Force:  Water Control Density (RR1) Control Insects & Arachnids
Control Kinetic Energy Control Others Control Radiation Control Static Electricity Copy Physical Structure
Create Force Field Darkness Control Disruptive Touch Divine Aura Divine Healing (RR1)
Energy Absorption Energy Weapon Extensions Force Aura Gem Powers Gravity Manipulation
Growth Holographic Memory Projection Immortality Intangibility Invisibility
Invulnerability Item Reduction Karmic Power Liquefaction (RR1) Lycanthropy
Magnetism Mechano-Link Mimic Multiple Beings/Selves Multiple Lives
Natural Combat Ability Negate Super Abilities Negative Matter Plant Control Reconstruction (RR!)
Self-Explosion (RR1) Shapechange Shrink Slow Motion Control Sonic Power
Sonic Absorption & Reflection Sonic Flight Sonic Speed (Running) Spin at High Velocity Stretching
Super Consumption (RR1) Super-Energy Expulsion Supernatural Strength Teleport Tentacles
Transeral/Possession Undeath (RR1) Vibration Weight Manipulation

RR1 = Rifter #1