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SLA Industries

A player character from the much loved Clan game.

An update for this site is in the works.

Name:  Duncan Race:  Ebon
Package:  Hacker  
Strength: 8 Dexterity:  10 Diagnose:  8 Concentration:  12
Charisma:  7 Physique:  8 +2 Knowledge:  10 Cool:  8
Paramedic:  6 Electronic locks:  4 Computer Subterfuge:  5 Computer Use:  5 Electronic Repair:  5 Industrial Electronics:  5
Jury-Rig:  6 SLA Info:  1 Persuasion:  4 Play Instrument: 5 Literacy:  5 Gang Lang:  3
Ebon Lang:  3 Hide:  5 Sneaking:  5 1-H Blade:  4 Martial arts: 7 Gymnastics:  3
Pistol:  4 Detect:  7 Looting:  1 Survival (urban): 4 Lore-Clan:  4 Glyph Reading: 8
Ebons Skills:
Formulae: 1 Blast:  4 Blue Thermal: 0 Communication:  5 Detect:  0 Enhancement:  1 Healing:  5
Illumination:  5 Protect:  6 Reality Fold:  4 Red Thermal: 0 Senses:  0 Telekinesis:  4 Gore Cannon:  0

Duncan is 17 yrs old.  He is 5'7", about 140lbs, long black hair, dark green eyes and dark tan skin.  He wears a mask over his face (much like the one that is worn by Gambit).  He wears the mask to hide is identity.  He lives with a Frother clan that over time with the stims and the combat drugs their bodies have started producing the same effects naturally. The side effect is that they can not take any combat drugs at all, for it is like poison to them.  His position within the Clan is that of Healer/Advisor/Techie. These Frothers are a min 6 ft tall and up. They were kinda of like large Scots with bad accents and alot of attitude.  :)

5 yrs ago he ran away from he family after they were investigated by internal affairs.  His parents are SLA Ops. To this day, they are still looking for him.  Most of his training was from his parents and experimenting.  Through reading Glyph cards and an ancient Death suit he is able to continue his studies.

This game was at street level.  All of the player characters are kids, that are either run aways that have been accepted by the Clan or members of the Clan itself.  The packages were made by the GM to work in a non-SLA ops game at street level.  (i.e. a bunch of street kids, gangs, etc.)  None of the real player characters had any intention of joining SLA.  At one point the whole Clan moved into the Cannibal Sector 2.  Which after some effort a peace treaty was made with the Carrens in this sector.   At this point the game was stopped because one of the main players had to leave.  This is one of the best games my group has ever had, we all played as a team.