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This is a list of all of the Psionics that I have found in all of the Rifts, Heros Unlimited, and NightBane books. If I am missing some You can email me (from the Bios page) with the Book, page number, and Psionic power. In the future I am going to start adding Net Psioncs that I find that are not too off the wall.

Attack Disease (HU) Bio-Regeneration(M) (HU) Deaden Pain (R) Detect Psionics (R) Exorcism (HU)
Healing Touch (R) Increased Healing (R) Induced Pain (NB) Induced Sleep (R) Lust for Life (HU)
Mask I.S.P. & Psionics (HU) Psychic Diagnosis (R) Psychic Purification (R) Psychic Surgery (R) Resist Fatigue (R)
Restore P.P.E. (W12) Suggestion (NB) Suppress Fear (W12)    


Astral Bolts (NBW1) Astral Navigation (NBW1) Astral Projection (HU) Clairvoyance (HU) Commune with Spirits (W12)
Dreamdance (M) (NBW1) Empathy (HU) Ethereal Mirage (M) (NBW1) Intuitive Combat (W12) Machine Ghost (W12)
Mask I.S.P. & Psionics (HU) Mask P.P.E. (HU) Mind Block (R) Object Read (R) Presence Sense (R)
Read Dimensional Portal (W12) Remote Viewing (W12) See Aura (R) See the Invisible (R) Sense Dimensional Anomaly (W12)
Sense Evil (R) Sense Time (R) Sixth Sense (R) Speed Reading (R) Suggestion (NB)
Telepathy (R) Total Recall (R)      


Activate Dimensional Portal (NBW1) Alter Aura (R) Deaden Senses (HU) Death Trance (HU) Ectoplasm (R)
Ectoplasmic Disguise (W12) Float (HU) Impervious to Cold (R) Impervious to Fire (R) Impervious to Poison/Toxin (R)
Levitation (R) Mind Block (R) Nightvision (R) Resist Fatigue (R) Resist Hunger (R)
Resist Thirst (R) Spontaneous Combustion (HU) Summon Inner Strength (R) Telekinesis (R) Telekinetic Acceleration Attack (W12)
Telekinetic Leap (W12) Telekinetic Lift (W12) Telekinetic Punch (W12) Telekinetic Push (W12) Teleport Object


Super Psionics
Advanced Trance State (W12) Astral Transference (NBW1) Astral Golem (W12) Bio-Manipulation (R) Bio-Regeneration (R)
Block Breaker (NBW1) Cure Insanity (HU) Dreamdance (S) (NBW1) Electrokinics (R) Empathic Transmission (HU)
Gestalt Circle (NBW1) Group Mind Block (R) Group Trance (W12) Hydrokinesis (R) Hypnotic Suggestion (R)
Insert Memory(HU) Invisible Haze (HU) Mental Illusion (HU) Mentally Possess Others (R) Mind-Block Auto-Defense (R)
Mind Bolt (R) Mind Bond (R) Mind Wipe (R) P.P.E. Shield (R) Psi-Shield (R)
Psi-Sword (R) Psionic Invisibility (W12) Psychic Body Field (W12) Psychic Mirage (S) (NBW1) Psychic Omni-Sight (W12)
Psychosomatic Disease (W12) Pyrokinesis (R) Radiate Horror (W12) Supercharge (NBW1) Telekinesis (R)
Telekinetic Force Field (R) Telemachanics (R) Telemechanic Mental Operation (W12) Telemachanic Paralysys (W12) Telemachanic Possession (W12)


Mind Bleeder
Bleed P.E. Energy (W12) Bleed Aura (W12) Bleed Memory (W12) Bleed Skills (W12) Bleed Truth (W12)
Brain Bleed (W12) Brain Scan (W12) Day Dream (W12) Healing Leech (W12) Impervious to Bio-Manipulation (W12 )
Mental Block (W12) Mental Block Removal (W12) Mind Trip (W12) Neuro-Touch (W12) Neural Strike (W12)


Phase Ability
Anti-Phase (PW) Close Rift (PW) D-Phase (PW) D-Shift Distance (PW) D-Shift Ghost (PW)
Dimensional Leap (PW) Fast Draw (PW) Multi-Phase (PW) Phase Blast (PW) Phase Field (PW)
Phase Warp: Confuse (PW) Phase Warp: Displacement (PW) Phase Warp:  Split Persona (PW) Spacial Distortion: Self (PW) Spacial Distortion: Others (PW)

R - Rifts
NB - NightBane
NBW1 - NightBane World 1
WXX - World Book XX
PW - Phase World
HU - Heroe's Unlimited 2nd Edition
M - Minor
S - Super