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By Joshua I. Sanofsky inspired by the Star Wars Trilogy
Heavily modified by Silverkhan - 02/01/2001

The Jedi Knight is a rare form of warrior from a distant Galaxy. They are primarily known to be warriors of light, who rely on an unknown powers that even they simply refer to as "The Force". However occasionally even these powerful warriors of light can be corrupted by what is called the dark side, the side of the force that represents Death, Aggression, and Fear. This OCC however only covers the powers of a Jedi Knight who follows the straight and narrow. Therefore it will focus on their abilities to commune with the world around them, and their sensory powers that are...pardon the pun...out of this world.

"The Force is what gives the Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." - General Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode 4)

"Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds and binds us. Luminous beings are we... Not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you. Here, between you...Me... The tree... The rock... Everywhere!" - Jedi Master Yoda (Episode 5)

Alignment Restrictions: For this OCC, Good only, however evil Jedi do exist.
Attribute Requirements: A high IQ 14 and ME 14 are required, while a good physical endurance is suggested but not required.
Attribute Bonuses: 1D4 to ME, PS, PP, and PE, +5 Vs (Mind Control, HF, Magic and Psionics), +2D6 to HP, 1D4x10 to SDC (from training)
Combat Bonuses
: See Powers and Abilities

OCC Skills
Native Language/Literacy: 98%
Language/Literacy two of choice: (+20%)
Lore: Jedi (+15%)
Anthropology: (+15%)
Space Navigation: (+10%)
Body Building
Athletics General
Land Navigation (+12%)
Paramedic (+15%)
Climbing: (+10%)
Gymnastics: (+10%)
Strategy/Tactics: (+15%)
Swimming: (+10%)
W.P. Light Saber (Same as WP Sword)
Hand to Hand: Jedi Knight (Look at Powers and Abilities below)

OCC Related Skills: The character may then select 9 other skills of choice at level one, plus one additional skill at levels 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12. All new skills start at level one proficiency.
Communications: Any
Cowboy: Any
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Any (+10%)
Espionage: Any
Mechanical: Any (+10%)
Medical: First Aid or Paramedic only.
Military: Any
Physical: Any (+5% where applicable.)
Pilot: Any
Pilot Related: Any
Rogue: Any (+15% to Prowl)
Science: Any (+10%)
Technical: Any (+10%)
WP: Any
Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills: The player may then select 6 other skills to represent the characters hobbies or pastimes. These areas of knowledge do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in the parenthesis ( ). All secondary skills start at the base skill level.

Powers and Abilities: The force in question is what those on RIFTS earth call PPE/ISP. Unlike normal practitioners of Psychic/Magic, the Jedi simply uses the ambient mystical energy around them whenever they need it. It is within all things, so changing dimensions would not effect the Jedi.

First Level Abilities:

Second Level Abilities:

Third Level Abilities:

Fourth Level Abilities:

Fifth Level Abilities:

Sixth Level Abilities:

Seventh Level Abilities:

Eight Level Abilities:

Ninth Level Abilities:

Tenth Level Abilities:

Eleven Level Abilities:

Twelfth Level Abilities:

Thirteenth Level Abilities:

Fourteenth Level Abilities:

Fifthteenth Level Abilities:


Jedi Ranks
The Jedi ranks go like this, Jedi go through several stages in their development. Jedi Candidates who have not yet begun training are referred to as Force Sensitive. From 1st to 5th level, they are referred to as Padawan Learners and are never away from their Master for more than a few days at most. When they have enough experience to advance to 6th level, they undergo a series of trials (differs for each Jedi until I see otherwise). If they pass the trials to the satisfaction of their Master, they are granted the title of Jedi Knight. At 8th level, Jedi Knights have the option of taking on an apprentice, and when they reach 11th level they become a Jedi Master. Many Jedi (approximately 50% during the days of the Old, but only very few today) decide not to take on apprentices until they are older, or sometimes even never.

Level 1-5 Padawan Learners (Apprentice)
Level 6-10 Jedi Knight
Level 11-15 Master

Standard Equipment
Lightsaber, Jedi Robes (unless an apprentice) 25MDC AR19, Jedi's utility belt with 2 utility pouches, Tinted goggles, Comlink/Communicator, First Aid Kit/RMK(6 uses), Portable translator, Backpack w/survival gear & tent, Sleeping bag, 2 Knapsacks, 2qt Canteen, 2 weeks of travel rations, Rugged travel boots, Cloak, Aquata rebreather (it is about the size of a thick pen and it filters air out of the water for an unlimited amount time), personal items, and 1 Extra set of clothing (Jedi tunic and pants).

Note** The two utility pouches contain 2 food capsules and 2 power cells (for LightSaber). Not including the one in the saber.

Credits: 1D4x1000 Credits; as it will be assumed that the character has been on earth for a while or all of his life.

: None to start with, but oddly enough these devices DO work on these warriors without hindering their mystical abilities, as their link with the force is much more than physical, it has become spiritual. However they refrain from ever getting cybernetics or bionics, accept for only minor and basic items, never as much as partial or full bionic conversion. For they believe that is starting down the Dark path.

LightSaber – (Following excerpt from "Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Equipment," by Bill Smith, copyright LucasFilm Ltd., 1997) "A lightsaber's handgrip is approximately twenty-four to thirty centimeters long and features a mirror-like concave metal disk called a blade emitter on one end. Controls include an activation lever, a recharge socket, diagnostic readouts, and in some cases blade length and intensity controls. Opening the small access panel reveals a tiny but very sophisticated power cell as well as at least one - and sometimes several - multifaceted crystals or jewels. The lightsaber's jewels focus the power cell's energy charge into a tight parallel beam that emerges from the blade emitter as a vibrant blade of pure energy. The blade is a closed energy loop. Its amplitude determines when the energy beam arcs back to the negatively charged high-energy flux aperture that rings the outer edge of the lightsaber's concave disk. The power cell can last for years because it is fed by the energy that enters the flux aperture; the weapon loses energy only when the blade makes contact with another object."

The lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi. It is built at the end of a Jedi's training, and is considered a right of passage from apprenticeship to Knighthood. The essential design remains the same, but the overall look is left up to the apprentice building it. Many lightsabers are almost works of art. The focusing jewel/jewels can be any high-quality jewel or crystal, even well-made artificial ones. For each jewel used (Max of 3), the length of the blade can be varied by one foot (or any length between). Thus, if three crystals are used, the blade can be anywhere from an 1 foot to four feet in length. Likewise, the color of the crystals indicates what the color of the blade will be. If different colored crystals are used, the blade comes out an odd (but pretty) color mix, with streaks of whatever colors the crystals are throughout the blade. The power cell recharges itself as the blade feeds back into the emitter, and only loses power when the blade strikes something. The rate of power loss is roughly one minute of charge time lost per contact. This explains why the lightsaber almost never needs to be recharged. While the lightsaber does an immense amount of damage, the damage is neither wide-spread nor explosive. Thus, rather than destroying things outright, the lightsaber slices cleanly through... cutting things in half, removing limbs, etc. Wounds caused by the lightsaber are cauterized instantly. However, it still does large amounts of damage to whatever it strikes, cutting through power systems, maybe damaging something explosive. Still, it is mainly a close-combat weapon.

Using a lightsaber without penalty requires a special Weapon Proficiency (which the Jedi apprentice learns before building his weapon). Without the special W.P., the person using a lightsaber suffers a -7 penalty to strike, has a 50% chance of injuring himself, and a 75% chance of doing damage to anything within arm's length of him. Incidentally, lightsabers make a decent source of light. when ignited, a lightsaber throws enough light to see with relative clarity in a 10' radius. Note that the clarity of vision is tinted by whatever color the blade is, which may wash out some detail. ONLY Jedi Knights can build them, and here's why: After gathering the pieces needed for the construction of his lightsaber and putting them together, one final step is required. This step is, essentially, charging the power cell for the first time. However, it involves an intense, time consuming state of meditation on the part of the Jedi. While the cell is charging, the Jedi focuses all of his attention through the Force onto his lightsaber and onto himself. This rather mystical process (only truly understood by Jedi Masters, and then very rarely) somehow brings the pieces of the lightsaber into a sort-of perfect alignment with one another (for lack of a better way of explaining it), bringing them together on a level much smaller (and less easy to define) than a technological or material level. This allows the parts of the lightsaber to perform with unprecedented efficiency. At the same time, the Jedi's focus on himself brings him a greater understanding of the depth of responsibility he has taken on by becoming a Jedi Knight. He learns that he has not only accepted responsibility for being a hero, but also must take responsibility for any mistakes he makes and try to minimize the damage caused by them. He learns, essentially, that being a Jedi is not a 9 to 5 job...That he is on duty at all times, and must remain so.

Damage: 2D6x10MD  The color of the saber also varies from Jedi to Jedi, but only the Dark Jedi use the color red.

Special note: The Lightsaber will damage "ANY" supernatural being, but only when it is in the hands a Jedi, it is part of the Jedi's spirit. In the hands of anyone else it is just another MD saber doing 3D6MD.

Note** The power-cell can be recharged at any place that the standard e-clips can. It takes about 2hrs for a full charge.