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The common foot soldiers of the Sicariot are the Baelites. But, in this context, 'common' is defined rather differently than in the Outer World. For a Baelite thinks nothing of savagery, inhumanity and butchery. His is the power of undeniable force, the 'special ops', if you will, of the Sicarii sub-sect.

They are, in fact, quite possibly the greatest threat to the Sicariot's relationship with the Sabbat's higher echelons.

The Baelites are slowly driving a wedge between the two factions of the Sicarii, much to the entire sub-sect's misfortune. At first, it was simply an extension of the more traditional conflict between the enlisted ranks and the officer corps; in this case, the Azazelians and the Baelites. What began as class rivalry, however, has degenerated into abject hatred of an ideological sort.

Clan leaders of the Baelites--called Warlords--despise the Loyalist movement and the chaos it has caused within the Sabbat. They feel it is pretentious and dangerous, a belief-system which, if actually practiced, would rip the very fabric of vampiredom and make the Antediluvians' culling all that much more easier when Gehenna arrives. It is this central issue--support or nonsupport of the Loyalists--which has given much of the vitriole in the current Azazelian-Baelite a biting edge. Some Warlords are even recommending (silently, of course) that they approach the Regent with the idea of a general Purge of Sabbat ranks.

Unbeknownst to the Warlords, however, is the fact that the Abaddonites themselves are tacitly supporting the Loyalists, in the hopes of causing an upheaval in the leadership, which will overthrow the Clan Lasombra domination of the sect. Should this fact ever become public knowledge, or even frequently rumored, the Baelites would be torn. They accept --with zeal rivaling the Belialians --the spiritual and mundane mandate of the Unholy See (and, explicitly, the Abaddonite dominion in matters of faith) but they are truly and deeply at odds with the tenants of the Loyalists. There is no telling which way they would turn and intra-Clan strife is almost assured.

Nickname: Butchers or, among the Azazelians, Grunts

Appearance: Khakis and camouflage; at least, among the younger generations. Also, anything in black which would emphasize their already demonic presence. Physically speaking, the Baelites all inherit a single trait: obsidian-colored skin. Light seems to dim when they are about and whatever their hair/eye/skin shade was, it's dark as night now. While this might add to their already fearsome reputation, it also singles them out. There's no mistaking a Baelite.

Haven: Butchers live in communal houses called Barracks. They frequently travel in Baelite-only packs, though sometimes they are seen in the company of other Sicarii-orientated Kindred. As Status accrues, the Baelite may branch off into their own Haven, but the dwellings are almost always fairly Spartan. Very little care for the creature comforts of mortals.

Backgrounds: Bravo, Survivalist, Fanatic and Traditionalist all blur into what makes a Baelite. In fact, it's not too uncommon to find a Butcher with the same Nature and Demeanor. Most Baelites are the most brutal of soldiers, most mercenary of bushmen, most deviant of souls. They enjoy inflicting (and sometimes receiving) pain of the physical sort. They don't have the time or the aptitude for more subtlety sadistic routes (like the Tzimisce and Mashithites do). In short, they live quite up to their nickname.

Character Creation: Physical Attributes dominate above all. Social Attributes come a far second and Mental ones barely register. This is not a thoughtful Clan.

Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Pain, and Potence.

Weaknesses: Baelites are easily picked out. There is no way to hide their obsidian epidermis. Even various Thaumaturgical rituals have been unable to remove the trait (which makes them useless as infiltrators). This characteristic also makes it impossible for them to deal with the mortal realms.

Preferred Paths: Fanatical to the last, very nearly all of the Baelites are of the Path of Thorns. Very few adhere to the Path of Typhon or the Path of Power and the Inner Voice but none will admit it. If there are any Infernalists within the Baelite fold, they are dead. It's as simple as that. It's only a matter of time.

Organization: Hardly any. The irony of the Baelites is that, while they hate the Loyalists, their own Clan is very nearly the epitome of anarchy, itself. There is a council of the six eldest (in age, not Generation) Warlords which attempts to set policy for the Clan as a whole...but in truth they have little authority save that they can garner by stature and persuasion alone.

Gaining Clan Prestige: In a Clan of modern-day barbarians, about the only way one can impress their fellow Clansmen is to one-up them. This is part of the reason why the Baelites have such a bad name. In their quest for fame and prestige, they've committed some of the most horrifying atrocities known to man or vampire. In spite of it all, they do not seem to (publicly) care, their official face as impenetrable as their skin color. There are a few rare Baelites of a more intellectual bent, but they are almost entirely of Warlord status and are thusly in little position to curb the excesses of the Clan as a whole...but, of course, they won't admit to that flaw.

Quote: "Power is the key to success in this world. The only thing our enemies understand is merciless power. We shall give them that, of that I will assure you."


Lasombra: Charlatans. We're just chomping at the bit to cull them. Heretics will not be tolerated. Period. I don't give a damn if the Regent's a Lasombra. She'd better watch her pretty li'l arse, too.

Tzimisce: All work and no play makes Fiends very unpleasant to be around. Loosen up, people. Live a little.

Assamite antitribu: Creepy li'l fellas got some serious bollocks, I'll tell you what. That don't make them in the Right, though. They don't know the we'll smash 'em, too.

Brujah antitribu: Why couldn't our Brujah be more like the Wimps' Brujah? This bunch is ridden with Loyalism. Kill 'em all. Let Lucifer sort 'em out.

Gangrel antitribu: They respect the Beast and know what it feels like to have him in your heart. I envy them.

Malkavian antitribu: Not as nutty as they first appear, the Nuts are actually kind of appealing. Like a mascot.

Nosferatu antitribu: Anything that's that quiet deserves to be shot on the spot. Those eyes and ears know too damned much. We'll keep the peace with them, but don't take any crap from 'em.

Panders: Loyalist scum. At least, in this respect, we and the Keepers agree: use 'em as bait, then cut 'em loose.

Ravnos antitribu: Gypsies. Why bother with them? Besides, I don't think they're really one of us anyway...

Serpents of the Light: The worst kind of heretic is an open one. Snakes fit that mold to a tee. It's like one Abaddonite Archbishop said, a few weeks ago: they should have been lured in, strung up, and sucked dry.

Toreador antitribu: Are these people for real?!

Tremere antitribu: There's is a power you'd best not mess with, brother. Stay way clear from them.

Ventrue antitribu: The headmasters of the Loyalist Rebellion. We're already working on a plan to exterminate them. Unfortunately, we might need a little bit of help from the Lasombra to do it...

The Black Hand: The Sicariot was made to counter the Hand. We're still counterin' and they're still growin'. My guess is that the two biggest bullies on the block will clash one day. Too bad for them.

The Camarilla: First Order: squash the Hand. Second Order: squash the Loyalists. Third Order: squash the heretics. Fourth Order: Squash the Wimps. Not necessarily in that order and subject to change without notice... depending on whose head is in the way when you swing your fist.