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Alfarian Tribe

  1. Symbol: Flaming Silver Claw upon a field of forest green.

  2. Tribal Breakdowns: There are approximately 1000 worldwide, with the majority (90%) being of good alignment and the other 10% is selfish alignment. 53% of the Tribe are werewolves, 33% are werepanthers, 8% are weretigers, and 6% are werebears. OCC breakdown are as follows: 55% Hunter (Civilized), 30% Nordan^or, 10% Shaman, and 5% Mind Melder.

  3. Territories: The Alfarian tend to live in cities, with only those tribe members in charge of manning strongholds living in rural areas.

  4. Primarch: Lord Maxis SilverTalon (werewolf) is a 14th Level Nordan^or of good alignment (Scrupulous) and has ruled the tribe for over a 400 years. It is said that his great, great Grandfather was an Atlantean and since that union all of the tribe have the Rites of Heritage.

  5. Philosophy: "The Tribes have forsaken us, therefore we have forsaken them. In the end we can only count on your own. The Tribes have forgotten our ancient enemy and fight among themselves, while the enemy is getting stronger and spreading through the world. They have forgotten your duties, but we have not!" Said by Lord Maxis SilverTalon to the leaders of the other Tribes.

  6. Organization: The basic field agents are referred to as either "Apprentice", the ones in training, or "Journeyman", their first 5 yrs after training, or "Adept", the more experienced field agents. Knights are advisors to the Magistrate. Adepts usually have 1 to 2 Apprentices in training and/or a Journeyman. Knights usually have 1-2 Adepts. The Magistrate is the house leader and is chosen from the ranks of Knights within that house. Within a house there can be anywhere from 25-30 Apprentice /Journeyman, 15-20 Adepts, 10 Knights, and 1 Magistrate. The Magistrates (all) report to the Lord. The Lord is the head of the Tribe.

  7. Variations: Everyone in the tribe have the Rites of Heritage (Magic Tattoos): 1) Silver Flaming Claw, 2) Chain Encircling a Skull. They also get the following bonuses:
    +5 vs Vampire’s super mind control
    +4 vs Horror Factor, Magic and Psionics due to their conviction
    +3 to I.Q., +2 to M.E., +3 to P.P.
    Regenerates 6D6 HPs per hour, instead of 4D6 HPs per hour
    +2 extra attacks only when fighting vampires and other supernatural creatures
    Sense vampires and supernatural creatures – 100ft + 50ft per level
    +25% to tracking vampires
    Average Life Span – 600 years regardless of werecreature type. This transformation happens then they finish the rite of passage, and received the Rites of Heritage.

Disadvanges – They can never get any other Magic Tattoos. Cannot have super abilities. Can only be of the following OCC’s: Hunter, Shaman, Nordan^or, or Mind-Melder.