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About Me

I guess I should tell you a little about myself, I work for a large MIS department in their technical support area. I am currently working toward my CNE and MSCE. I know that I cheated by using Frontpage, but it is better at the moment than using HTML. I was in the military for 6yrs. (That was a waste of time)   Now I am making twice as much doing real work. Anyway not to bore you too much.  I enjoy the outdoors (i.e. camping, hiking, fishing, etc.), Sports (Soccer), Martial Arts (Kenjutsu), Movies (Action/Sci-fi), and of course computers.  I love roleplaying, it is a great past-time to just relax.

I have a dog and her name is Casey.  She is 6yrs, Half German Shepherd/Half Border-Collie, about 25lbs (mostly Teeth), and hyper as hell.   She is my great protector.  :)  Or as my friends call her "Devil Dog" or "Dingo Dog".  It depends on who is telling the story.

If I feel up to it, I might even add my Picture and Casey's.  :) 


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