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When Hantei first took the Emerald Throne, he commanded his sister Shinjo and those who would follow her to go out into the world and explore. she was to bring back news of what was on the other side of the great mountains that lay to the North, and Shinjo did so. She brought with her three samurai: Otaku, Iuchi, and Ide, and together, the four went into the unexplored realms. They would not return for eight hundred years.

Two hundred years ago, the descendants of the four returned with mighty horses (the horses of Rokugan are much like ponies) and a way of combat that was very different from the descendants of the Children of the Sun and Moon. Everything about them was different. Their dress, style of clothing, speech and tactics were all learned from different cultures and adapted to fit the religion of the Seven Fortunes and the philosophies of Shinsei.

Now that they have returned, the descendants of Shinjo have found it very difficult to fit in with the other Clans. Eight centuries  of positioning have created a delicate balance among them and the arrival of a new Clan has caused much friction. Being inexperienced in subtleties of Rokugan society, they have found it very difficult to adapt. Some see them as uneducated youths while others see them as uncouth barbarians who are only nominally Rokugani.

The one thing all Clans do agree on is the power of their horses. The overwhelming advantage of Unicorn cavalry in a general's army is on factor that cannot be overestimated. The Unicorn Clan has picked up on this and uses it to its advantage. the Crane Clan has treated the Unicorn with respect, and so their borders are patrolled by Unicorn cavalry. The Lion Clan has turn a cold shoulder to the newcomers, and are not so fortunate.

Shinjo Bushi School
Benefit +1 Agility

Iuchi Shugenja School
Benefit +1 Perception

The Families
Shinjo - "The Master of the Four Winds" Shinjo Yokatsu is the Champion of the Unicorn Clan. The shinjo School teaches speed and agility and the benefit of ranged combat.  Benefit +1 Reflexes

Otaku - The Otaku family has much in common with the Matsu family in its belief in the virtue of a swift attack.   Benefit +1 Agility

Iuchi - Spending 800 years dealing with barbarian tradesman taught these shugenja many tricks other shugenja are not privy to.  Benefit +1 Awareness

The Unicorn's Views of the Other Clans:

crab.jpg (17084 bytes) "We have much in common with them. Many disdain the Crab because the duty they chose makes them 'dirty'. Those who make sure judgements must also feel that we are 'dirty'. Remember what Shinsei said, 'Find allies in your enemy's foes.'"
Crane.jpg (16743 bytes) "The Crane have welcomed us with open arms since the first day we arrived. They could have done as the Lion has done, but they took the risk of bringing shame to themselves for our sakes, and so we protect their borders from those who would covet their rightful position."
dragon.jpg (19512 bytes) "They have never been kind to us, but they have also never been cruel. They are just as much strangers to Rokugan as we."
lion.jpg (18038 bytes) "They despise us because we are not like them and envy what we have. If they could, they would destory us and take what they want. They are the enemy of the Crane, and so they are also our enemy."
phoenix.jpg (17051 bytes) The Phoenix have acknowledged our rightful place in the Empire, but that is all. They speak to us kindly, as if we were children. If they value knowledge, then they should treat us with more respect, for who else has seen the lands to the North? Certainly not them."
scorpion.jpg (17180 bytes) "We are told to mistrust them and they tell us not to trust others. Who shall we listen to? Both of them, of course."