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This is a list of all of the skills that I have found in all of the Rifts books. If I am missing some You can email me, (from the Bios page) with the Book, page number, and skill. In the future I am going to start adding Net skills that I find that are not too off the wall.


Crytography (R) Electronic Countermeasures (W8) Laser (R) Optic Systems (R)
Performance (W10) Radio:  Basic (R) Radio:  Scramblers (R) Read Sensory Equipment (HU)
Surveillance System (R) T.V./Video (R)    


Branding (W14) Breaking/Taming Wild Horses (W14) Herding Cattle (W14) Horsemanship: Cowboy (W14) Horsemanship: Exotic (W14)
Lore: Aborigines (W19) Lore: Cattle/Animals (W14) Lore: Indians (W14) Roping (W14) Trick Riding (W14)
Whittling & Sculpting (W14)        


Bonsai (W8) Calligraphy (W8) Cook (R) Corrobore (W17)
Dance (R) Fishing (R) Floral Arrangement (W8) Gardening (W8)
Go (W8) Play Aboriginal Musical Instrument (W19) Play Musical Instrument (R) Poetry (W8)
Rock Painting and Engraving (W19) Sewing (R) Sing (R)  


Basic Electronics (R) Computer Repair (R) Electronical Engineer (R) Robot Electronic (R)


Counter-Tracking (NB) Detect Ambush (R) Detect Concealment (R) Disguise (R) Escape Artist (R)
Fieldcraft (NBW1) Forgery (R) Imitate Voices/ Impersonation (W8) Intelligence (R) Interrogation Techniques (W10)
Pick Locks (R) Pick Pockets (R) Sniper (R) Tracking (R) Wilderness Survival (R)


Aircraft Mechanics Automotive Mechanics Basic Mechanics (W5) LockSmith
Mechanical Engineer Micro Robotics (RR6) Robot Mechanics Spaceship Mechanics (PW)
Submersible Vehicle Mechanics (RS4) Vehicle Armorer (W19) Weapons Engineer  


Animal Husbandry (W14) Brewing (W14) Criminal Sciences & Forensics (R) Field Surgery (W11)
First Aid (R) Holistic Medicine (HU) Juicer Technology (W10) Paramedic (R)
Medical Doctor (R) M.D. in Cybernetics (R) Pathology (R) Sea Holistic Medicine (RS4)
Toxicology (NB)      


Armorer (R) Armorer/Field Armorer (W17) Camouflage (R) Demolitions (R)
Demolitions Disposal (R) Find Contraband, Weapons, & Cybernetics (W11) Military Etiquette (W11) Military Fortification (W11)
Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Warfare (W8) Parachuting (R) Recognize Weapon Quality (W11) Strategy/Tactics (NB)
Trap Construction (W11) Trap/Mine Detection (W11) Undersea Demolitions (RS4) Weapon Armorer (W19)


Hand to Hand: Aikido (W8) Hand to Hand: Assassin (R) Hand to Hand: Basic (R) Hand to Hand: Basic Martial Arts/Judo (W8) Hand to Hand: Commando (W11)
Hand to Hand: Donathair (RR5) Hand to Hand: Expert (R) Hand to Hand: Karate (W8) Hand to Hand: Kendo (W8) Hand to Hand: Jujitsu (W8)
Hand to Hand: Marital Arts (R) Hand to Hand: Ninjitsu (W8) Hand to Hand: Teng-Jujitsu (W8) Hand to Hand: Zanji Shinjinkenn-Ryu (W8) Acrobatics (R)
Athletics (R) Body Building & Weight Lifting (R) Boxing (R) Climbing (R) Gymnastics (R)
Prowl (R) Running (R) Sport: Deadball (W10) Sport: Juicer Football (W10) Sport: Murderthon (W10)
Swimming (R) S.C.U.B.A. (R) Wrestling (R) Zero Gravity Movement & Combat (PW)  


Advanced Deep Sea Diving (RS4) Airplane (R) Automobile (R) Bicycling (W19) Boat: Sail Type (R)
Boat: Motor and Hydrofoils (R) Boat: Ship (R) Combat Pod (RMerc) Contragravity Pak (PW) EVA (PW)
Flight System Combat (W10) Helicopter (R) Horsemanship (R) Horsemanship:  Cowboy (W14) Horsemanship:  Cossack (W17)
Horsemanship:  Cyber-Knight (W14) Horsemanship: Exotic Anmials (W8) Horsemanship:  Knight (W17) Hovercraft (ground) (R) Hovercycle (W17)
Jet Aircraft (R) Jet Fighter (R) Jet Packs (R) Jump Bike Combat (W10) Kayaking (W19)
Large Class Military Vessels (AU) Medium Class Military Vessels (AU) Motorcycle (R) Outback combat Driving (W19) Race Car (HU)
Road Train (W19) Robots and Power Armor (R) Robot Combat: Basic (R) Robot Combat: Elite (R) Small Spacecraft (PW)
Space Fighter (PW) Space Transport & Cargo Craft (AU) Starship (PW) Submersibles (RS4) Tanks and APCs (R)
Track Vehicles (W17) Truck (R) Warships/Patrol Boats (RS4) Water Skiing & Surfing (RS4) Water Scooters (RS4)
Wingrider Flying Wing (W17)        


Pilot Related
Navigation (R) Navigation - Space (PW) Radar/Sonar Operations (W8) Read Sensory Equipment (R) Weapons Systems (R)


Cardsharp (W14) Computer Hacking (R) Concealment (R) Find Contraband, Weapons, & Cybernetics (W8) Gambling (Dirty Tricks) (W10)
Gambling (W10) Palming (R) Pick Locks (R) Pick Pockets (R) Prowl (R)
Safecracking (W14) Seduction (W14) Streetwise (R) Streetwise - Drug (W11) Ventriloquism (W14)


Anthropology (R) Archaeology (R) Astronomy (R) Astrophysics (PW) Biology (R)
Botany (R) Chemistry (R) Chemistry: Analytical (R) Marine Biology (RS4) Mathematics: Basic (R)
Mathematics: Advanced (R) Ocean Geographic Surveying (RS4) Undersea Farming (RS4) Xenology (PW)  


Advanced Fishing (RS4) Art (R) Breed Dogs (W14) Business & Finace (HU) Computer Operation (R)
Computer Programing (R) Falconry (W17) Gemology (W17) General Repair/ Maintenance (W14) Japanese Mythology (W8)
Language (R) Literacy (R) Lore: Aborigines (W19) Lore: Astral (NBW1) Lore: Cattle/Animals (W14)
Lore: Demons & Monsters (R) Lore: Dreamstream (NBW1) Lore: Dreamtime Culture (W19) Lore:  D-bee (W5) Lore: Faerie (R)
Lore: Galactic/Alien (PW) Lore: General Law (W17) Lore: Geomancy or Lines of Power (NB) Lore: History of the West (W14) Lore: History of Russia (W17)
Lore: Indians (W14) Lore: Juicers (W10) Lore: Law (W14) Lore: Law-CCW (PW) Lore: Magic (W5)
Lore: Nightbane (NB) Lore: Nightlands (NB) Lore: Psychic (W11) Lore: Religions (W17) Lore: The Cities (W19)
Lore: Vampire (NB) Masonry (W17) Photography (R) Prospecting (W14) Research (NB)
Rope Works (W17) Shepherding/Goat Herding (RR5) Undersea Salvage (RS4) Whittling & Sculpting (W14) Writing (R)


Weapons Proficiencies
W.P. Archery & Targeting (R) W.P. Battle Axe (W5) W.P. Blunt (R) W.P. Bola (W14) W.P. Boomrang (W19)
W.P. Bow (W8) W.P. Chain (R) W.P. Crossbow (W8) W.P. Deadball (W10) W.P. Grappling Hook (W17)
W.P. Knife (R) W.P. Mouth Weapons (ie blowgun) (W8) W.P. Net (W17) W.P. Polearm (W5) W.P. Shield (W17)
W.P. Siege Weapons (W17) W.P. Slingshot (W8) W.P. Small Thrown Weapons (W8) W.P. Spear (W8) W.P. Staff (W8)
W.P. Sword (R) W.P. Trident (RS4) W.P. Whip (W8) W.P. Zwittentang (RR5) W.P. Automatic Pistol (R)
W.P. Automatic & Semi-Automatic Rifles (R) W.P. Bolt Action Rifle (R) W.P. Energy Pistol (R) W.P. Energy Rifle (R) W.P. Flamethrower (W19)
W.P. Grenade Launcher (W8) W.P. Harpoon or Spear Gun (RS4) W.P. Heavy (R) W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons (R) W.P. Revolver (R)
W.P. Sharpshooting Specialty (W14) W.P. Trick Shooting (W17) W.P. Torpedo (RS4) W.P. Sub-Machinegun (R)  


Blend (W19) Boat Building (R) Carpentry (R) Dowing (W17) Hunting (R)
Identify Plants & Fruits (R) Land Navigation (R) Outback Survival (W19) Preserve Food (R) RoadWise(W19)
Skin & Prepare Animal Hides (R) Spelunking (W19) Track Animals (R) Track & Hunt Sea Animals (RS4) Trap Construction (W11)
Trap/Mine Detection (W11) Undersea & Sea Survival (RS4) Underwater Navigation (RS4) Use Songlines (W19)  


R = Rifts RS4 = Rifts Sourcebook 4 W5 = World Book 5 W10 = World Book 10 W11 = World Book 11
W12 = World Book 12 W14 = World Book 14 W17 = World Book 17 W19 = World Book 19 Rmerc = Rifts Mercenaries
PW = Phase World HU = Heroes Unlimited AU = Aliens Unlimited NB = Nightbane NBW1 = Nightbane WB 1
RRx = Rifter #