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If there is something you do not wish to be known, some Scorpions somewhere knows it - and he makes certain that you know he knows. That is how they survive: by keeping the secrets of others. The Scorpion have never had the strongest samurai or the most skilled shugenja, and so they made up for the difference with the only advantage they had. They make certain that the other Clans would not trust them, and then they turned that lack of trust into a weapon. You never know if a Scorpion is telling you the truth, or if he is telling you a lie, because he can gain an advantage with either one. In a society that values sincerity over honesty, you can never fully understand the machinations of the Scorpion.

All Scorpion wear masks. Each mask is unique to the individual, but the intent is still the same. The mask is telling the world, "you cannot trust me." And yet, the Scorpion wield so much temporal power, many find that they must. There are many stories of samurai who find themselves trapped in a Scorpion plot, and once they discover the truth, they commit seppuku to avoid furthering the scheme. But in the end the reader discovers that is exactly what the Scorpion wanted to happen all along.

With its reputation for treachery and deceit, one wonders why the Scorpion Clan still exists, why the other Clans simply did not rise up together and smash them. The simple fact of the matter is: the Scorpion have the Black Scrolls. After the fall of the Children of the Sun and Moon, a great war was fought between the Clans and the Shadowlands army of Fu Leng. Only Shinsei and his Seven Thunders were able to destroy Fu Leng, and the secret of his demise is written on twelve scrolls that are guarded by the Scorpion Clan. Only the Daimyo of the Clan knows the location of all the Scrolls. Also, being caught in a Scorpion plot is perhaps the greatest shame a bushi or shugenja could bring upon his family. Everyone knows that the Scorpion have something on everyone and no one is willing to admitting it.

Bayushi Bushi School
Benefit +1 Intelligence

Soshi Shugenja School
Benefit +1 Awareness

The Families
Bayushi - The Bayushi family are notorious for their reputed associations with ninja. Nonetheless, they are known as clever and crafty swordsmen. Benefit +1 Agility

Soshi - The shugenja of the Scorpion Clan almost always train at the Soshi Shugenja School, which has a sinister reputation throughout Rokugan. Benefit +1 Perception

Shosuro - The Shosuro family are noted diplomats who make keen use of suberfuge in the Emperor's court.  Benefit +1 Awareness

The Scorpion's Views of the Other Clans:

crab.jpg (17084 bytes) "The Crab (much like everyone else) would destroy us if they could. They are as ambitious as we are, but are undisciplined and untrained in the arts of subtlety, and that is why they make such excellent allies."
Crane.jpg (16743 bytes) "A Crane is more afraid of shame than any other, and also has many secrets to keep. They hide behind masks as much as we do, but theirs are made of paper and easy to strip away."
dragon.jpg (19512 bytes) :"They are unashamed of what they are, which is why they pose the greatest danger to our plans."
lion.jpg (18038 bytes) "A Lion is more like a dog than a cat. he is easy to train and quick to dispose of when you have no more need of him."
phoenix.jpg (17051 bytes) "Like the Dragon, they are difficult to manipulate because of their introspection. You cannot tempt them with greed or flesh, for they love only their precious knowledge."
unicorn.jpg (15693 bytes) "They are young, strong, fast, and naive. Could you ask for a better ally?"