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Sect Justice

The Sabbat tolerates no treachery. As any army would, the Sabbat protects its secrets with a ruthless code of justice. Final justice rests in the hands of those wronged - most packs enforce their own punishments - but truly grievous crimes against the sect are punished by the local bishop or archbishop.



Treason against the sect Torture and dismemberment, in whatever poetic fashion the "judge" decides (includes being thrown off buildings, being drawn and quartered, having limbs removed, etc...)
Murdering a fellow Sabbat Diablerie at the hands of the murdered vampire's pack (or a pack of an elder's choice, should the victim have been an elder)
Deceiving Sabbat leaders Burning or flaying
Revealing a Sabbat secret to one outside of the Sect Death by fire, or a Wild Hunt (pg157 of the Guide to the Sabbat)
Failure to respond to a leader's call Branding or mutilation (often, the vampire loses a hand)
Striking a vampire of greater station Blinding, mutilation (the vampire suffers several broken bones)
Associating with Camarilla vampires First offense: Censure
Second offense: Flogging
Third offense: Staking or Death
Failure to accomplish an important mission assigned by leaders "Sprite" punishment, generally of a humiliating nature (such as cutting off the vampire's nose, branding his forehead with an "F," dashing out his teeth, etc...)
Displays of Cowardice Blood Feast for fellow pack members, though the vampire is usually left undead to atone for itself later.