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There is so little that can be said with certainty about the Dragon Clan. They were founded by the samurai Togashi a thousand years ago, a samurai who refused to fight against his brother for the right to rule. His refusal was seen by Hida as an act of cowardice, but Hantei was wise enough to know that Togashi refused because he already knew the outcome: his own defeat at the hands of his brother. Togashi then retired to the mountains and built a monastery where he remained for many years. It wasn't until two samurai - Mirumoto and Agasha - joined him in his temple that the Dragon Clan was actually born. Many years later, the Kitsuki would be born from the Agasha and the Clan would be complete. Since then, the remainder of what is known is only speculation.

There are rumored to be many secret Orders on the Clan. One Order, the Ise Zumi, has gained great recognition in Rokugan. Their practice of tattooing their entire bodies with elaborate designs, symbols and pictures is better known than understood. Tales of the Ise Zumi leaping over horses, breathing fire, spitting poison and shapeshifting are as prolific as they are entertaining. Their shugenja are equally mysterious. They use powers that no other shugenja can explain, and yet, when they speak to shugenja from other Clan, those shugenja say that the Dragon do not understand the basic principles of magic. The Dragon always seem to defy definition.

The Dragon Clan was also the first Clan to teach the "two sword technique". The Dragon samurai are famous for their katana/wakizashi style, and while Kakita School students may mock it, they do so out of concern for the honor of their school rather than out of genuine disrespect for the style. Of all the Clans, the Dragon samurai are regarded as the most devout followers of the religion of Rokugan. They are literally "warrior-poets," masters of both the sword and the pen.

Mirumoto Bushi School
Benefit +1 any Trait

Ise Zumi Order
Benefit +1 Void

"I see nothing more than you do.
 You look the wrong way."

Agasha Shugenja School
Benefit +1 any Trait

Kitsuki Magistrate School
Benefit +1 Perception

The Families
Togashi - The mysterious Togashi Yokuni is the Champion of the Dragon Clan. This family is made up of the mysterious order of tattooed men known as the Ise Zumi.  Benefit +1 Agility

Mirumoto - The family are often known for their adaptability to any situation.  Benefit +1 to any Trait

Agasha - The most "Traditional" of the families, they often represent the Dragon outside their fortress walls.  Benefit +1 Awareness

Kitsuki - They serve as diplomats and magistrates for the Dragon Clan, but they are unlike any other diplomats or magistrates within the Empire.  Benefit +1 Perception

The Dragon's Views of the Other Clans

crab.jpg (17084 bytes) "The Crab hides in his shell. The seagull lifts him into the sky and drops him and then eats the crushed remains. The badger turns him over and eats him inside out. his shell is his weakness If he casts away his weakness, he can use his pincers."
Crane.jpg (16743 bytes) "Relying on the weakness of others is ignoring one's own strengths."
lion.jpg (18038 bytes) "The Lion is sleepy until roused, and then it is ferocious. If you keep the Lion sleepy, it is of no danger to you, but also reluctant to come to your aid."
phoenix.jpg (17051 bytes) "They are brother reborn in the fires of knowledge. We are both seeking the same thing, but our roads are different. Sometimes they cross, however, and then we regain our bearings, learn how close we are and  - sometimes - decide to switch paths."
scorpion.jpg (17180 bytes) "Do not be misled. It is not the pincers that can kill you. It is the tail it keeps hidden behind its back."
unicorn.jpg (15693 bytes) "They say the sighting of a Unicorn is good luck. Fortune is theirs, but she is a fickle mistress, easily turned against you with baubles and empty praise."