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For centuries, the Crane have used political maneuvering to gain its position as advisors to the Emperor. When the First Hantei needed a bride, there was the Crane Clan with a host of beautiful girls for him to consider. Every generation of Hantei has been married to a woman from the Crane Clan. But Hantei is not the only one. Generations of Crane have made their way into the dynasties of other Clans, thus providing the Crane Clan with sympathy in each and every Clan. Because the mother of every Emperor (and many Daimyo) has been a Crane, this has provided the Clan with many advantages. They are able to call upon favors on nearly every occasion from nearly every Clan.

The Crane Clan also managed to attract the finest swordmen in the Empire to its dojos to train the Crane samurai in the art of kenjutsu, and now, the Kakita School of Kenjutsu is the pre-eminet fencing school in Rokugan. Attending the school is considered one of the greatest honors samurai can receive. Of course, attendance is by invitation only, which means many samurai must pay highly to have their sons and daughters reveice the finest kenjutsu training in the land.

As the Emperor's political and economic advisors, the Doji are able to keep an eye on all the other Clans. They are the first to speak to the Emperor about his actions. The Asahina family were originally from the Phoenix Clan, but when an Asahina shugenja was saved by a Kakita samurai-maiden, a marriage was struck an the Crane inherited all the wisdom of a Phoenix family.

Kakita Bushi School
Benefit +1 Reflexes

"Say not that honor is the child of boldness,
Nor believe that death alone can pay its price:
It is not to a single action that honor is due,
But to the life that enfolds it."
-Lady Doji-

Asahina Shugenja School
Benefit +1 Awareness

The Families
Doji - The Champion of the Crane is Doji Satsume, perhaps the most famous warrior-poet of the Empire.  Benefit + Awareness

Kakita - The "Gray Crane" Kakita Toshimoko heads the Kakita Fencing School, the most prestigious academy in the Empire.  Benefit +1 Agility

Asahina - The shugenja of House Asahina are peaceful and introspective. They also house one of the most extensive libraries of shugenja lore in the Empire.  Benefit +1 Perception

The Crane's Views of the Other Clans

crab.jpg (17084 bytes) "There is more to bushido than swordplay. Their strength and courage is admirable, but their lack of respect for civilization is their downfall. A stubborn, arrogant and uneducated brute you must pacify with a petty wife: that is a Crab."
dragon.jpg (19512 bytes) "I would not pretend to understand their ways. All I know of the Dragon is their devotion to mystery and their tattos. We are seldom able to procure favors from the Dragon, for they are reluctant to step outside their monastic temples."
lion.jpg (18038 bytes) "The Lion are our most dangerous rivals. They despise us for our position and how we gained it. Their lack of skill in the court has not improved their position at all, and neither has their hot-headed pride."
phoenix.jpg (17051 bytes) "Of all the other Clans, we respect them the most of all. They are a civilized Clan who understand the necessity of our ways. Never lose favor with the Phoenix, for the knowledge of a single shugenja can be worth more than a thousand samurai."
scorpion.jpg (17180 bytes) "Our most brilliant enemy. There is nothing more convincing than the smile of a Scorpion. Once they discover your secrets, you are never free from their manipulations."
unicorn.jpg (15693 bytes) "Their distance from us is unfortunate for there is much we can gain from them. They have only return returned to the Empire in the past two hundred years, and they are eager for allies in our uncertain Empire. Any man who is eager for allies owns something you can gain."