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Code Name: Bishop
Name: Thomas Julian
Age: 20
Nature: Caregiver

Str: 3     Per: 4     App: 3
Dex: 4   Int: 3      Man: 3
Sta: 4    Wit: 3     Cha: 2

Height: 5'7" tall
Weight: 150lbs very athletic build
Eye Color: Bright Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Very Tan
Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Physical Appearance (Including costume): Thomas has an very athletic build, with short cut hair, and green eyes. His skin is very tan from playing outdoors. He currently is wearing Jean, Hightops shoes, T-shirt, and High School letterman jacket. He wears the team uniform with a Zorro type mask and a Leather Jacket.

Eruption: Happened when two Aberrants were fighting and innocent people were in the way.


Might: 1 Awareness: 3 Streetwise: 2 Athletics: 3
Investigation: 1 Subterfuge: 1 Academics: 2 Martial Arts: 4
Drive: 2 Computers: 2 Stealth: 3 Survival: 2
Endurance: 4 Resistance: 4 Rapport: 1 Biz: 1

Node: 3
Attunement: 1
Resources: 3 

Willpower: 7
Quantum: 3
Taint: 2
Initiative: 9

Walk: 7M
Run: 16M
Sprint: 32M
Bashing Soak: 10(+12 for Physical Attacks)
Lethal Soak: 6(+12 for Physical Attacks)
One Extra Bruise levels: 1

Mega-Str: 1 Quantum Leap

Mega-Sta: 3 Resiliency/Durability

Mega-Per: 1 Ultra-peripheral Perception

Quantum Bolt: 2 Lethal damage Bioenergy [This is tainted. He can only fire from his hands and when he fires the bolt, his hand molds into a barrel of metal grey color half-way up his forearm. (if you have a problem with this lets talk it over.)]

Intuition: 1

Invulnerability: 2 - Extra-All Physical Attacks

Background: Thomas is what you would call an average kid. He was the type that stood up to the bullies and would not let them push the little kids around. He did what his mother told him and did well in School. He played on the High School Soccer Team and tho he was a 1st stringer he never made it a big deal of it. The ladies always seem to like him and were by far the largest group of friends he had. Some of his male friends were jealous of that fact, but either got over it or did not hang out with him much. After high school he was in the city looking for a summer job and was near a construction site. As he was talking with the foreman about a job to Aberrants came flying by and started fighting. People were trying to get out of the way, but one woman could not and when one of the Aberrants hit a stack of I beams, they tip over to fall from one of the upper levels of the construction. Thomas raced to the woman to push her out of the way. He push her out of the way just in time to have the beam crash down on him. Everyone thought he was crushed to death. One of the Aberrants was horrified that the other would do such a thing. The other aberrant with just laughed and cont the fight. It was at this time Thomas realized that he was not dead and his head hurt something fierce. He could hear the aberrant laughing, and this made him very angry. Not really thinking about it he pushed the I beams off and brought his hand up, which changed into a barrel, and fired his bolt at the aberrant that was laughing. The bolt hit him directly in the chest and knocked him back into the construction and down to the ground. Thomas could feel the power moving through his body and his anger just fueled it even more. He started walking toward the evil aberrant and death in his eyes. The "Evil Aberrant" looked up and saw Thomas and the other aberrant moving in, he took off through the air. Yelling that he would get Thomas for that attack and disappeared in the clouds. The other aberrant gave chase after the evil aberrant. With the threat gone Thomas started to look around and noticed and everyone was starring at him, with awe and fear. Feeling the pain in his head coming back he bolted down one of the alley way to make his way home. 

Medical Record: Thomas's powers did cause him severe head pain and soreness, as with most emerging Novas.

Criminal Record: None